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Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Lirik Lagu Bandung Inikami Orcheska - Cheer Up! (Feat. Ink Mary)

Bandung Inikami Orcheska - Cheer Up! (Feat. Ink Mary)

Whenever you feel doubt of something
Just run fast by throwing all your burden
Just let go keep your self running
Give the world your sweetest smile with much freedom
Happy laughing always cheer up!
Forget the trouble always cheer up!
Cheer up always always cheers
Enjoy and take your life as it is
Just like a jet plane leaving of the land
Nothing stand on your way there’s only a little storm
Go throught the cloud in the sky
That will keep you save and warm
While you are still in doubt
Let’s throw any doubt it
Looking for a solution
When the problem was solved
Everything gonna be right
Holding hand side by side
Cheer up for glory
Cheer up for humanity
Cheer up for (6x)

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